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It has been several hundred years since the young girl Yuna transcended humanity and selected the true Base World, returning the labors of world creation to mankind.
The effects of her meddling in everyday life recessed and Yuna was consequently exalted as a “god”.
The world would be ruled by governmental military forces and the Hinoe Group, the corporation that oversees those forces.
While minor problems continued to surface, the rule has predominantly been a peaceful one.
Until one day when everything began to crumble.
Alien beings – unknown to be organic or machine – launched an invasion and assaulted mankind from the very gates
Yuna had once used to commute between parallel worlds in her search for the Base World. Man would call these aggressors the "Ulka."
At the time, the Hinoe Group, with miraculous premonition, had already sensed a threat to man
and were in the process of developing new military weaponry, the RXN series.
Should the Ulka continue to use the gates that
also served to divide the parallel worlds, they would eventually collapse them all into one. In turn, that would also endanger the world inhabited by humanity.
Led by the young pilots of the RXN mecha, the battle to return the parallel worlds to its original state and save the world begins now...

Game Design, Concept, Development

Main Mechanical Design
(Original design,
RXN series)


Character Design

Sumeragi Kohaku


misz Umino (minori)

Main Theme

Performed by: Hitomi Harada
Lyrics by: Osamu Chadani
Music by: Yuzo Koshiro

Ending Theme

World x World


Raito (Lisa-rec)
Bucket Drummer MASA

Raijin Calligraphy

Daiei Mori

Logo Design

Kentaro "ANI" Fujimoto

Throughout the process of developing RXN -Raijin-,
we have attempted to evaluate the characteristics and content of a shoot ‘em up
that would be suitable for this day and age.

It became our mission to deliver an all-new, vertically scrolling shooter we hope you will find is optimized to the current game playing environment.
The most apparent quality of RXN is its use of the entire 16:9 field, resulting in a spectacular and engrossing shoot’em up experience.
We have also done our best to rethink game mechanics typical to the shmup genre.
Rather than fall back on cliched gimmicks such as “die three times and it’s game over” and “the game always starts back on level 1”,
our goal was to create a newer means of enjoying this classic game style.

  • Title
  • RXN - Raijin -
  • Genre
  • Vertically-scrolling widescreen
    shoot 'em up
  • Platform
  • Nintendo Switch
    (Digital version)
  • Sale Date
  • December 2017
  • Rating
  • CERO A: for all ages
  • Game Design
    & Development
  • Gulti Co., Ltd.
  • Distributed by
  • KAYAC Inc.